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  • Viking Pundit runs down a few of the big-ticket items in the proposed $825 billion "stimulus" proposed in Congress. And does the math:

    For $825 billion, you can send every American a check for $2750 to pay down credit card debt, save, or spend on stuff.

    That's spread over 300 million souls, man, woman, and child.

    But the whole point is that our masters know how to spend that money better than we do ourselves. So the check thing is not gonna happen, sorry.

  • Freakonomicist Steven D. Levitt notes the rudeness of Chesley Sullenberger.

  • And, baby, it's cold outside. Here's how the whole Fahrenheit thing has been working out at the University Near Here's weather station so far in January:

    Jan Temps So Far

    You'll note the continuing flirtation with the 32-degree line. Wouldn't want anything to, you know, melt.

    Concord's low temperature this morning was 24 below; this beat 1984's old record for today by 5 degrees.

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