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  • The NH House passed HB383 yesterday, which would make seat belt use mandatory for adults, and also (unlike many states) allow police to ticket you for that infraction alone.

    There's still hope to avoid this bit of nanny-statism: The House also passed a mandatory bill back in 2007, but it died on the Senate side. We'll see what happens this time.

    My own reps (Strafford district 2, all Democrats) voted 4-1 in favor, and I was expecting 5-0. (So good for you, Dale Sprague.)

    Skip at Granite Grok points out the bill would have been defeated if it were not for Republican 'Yea' votes. (Skip counts 25, I count 26, with another 25 GOPites not voting. Jerks.)

  • Videogum hunts for the worst movie of all time, with hilarious descriptions. I had, basically, one of four reactions in each case:

    • "Woo! Glad I missed that one." (Example: S1mone.)
    • "Yeah, that was awful." (Example: Across the Universe.)
    • "Yeah, I probably shouldn't have liked that one as much as I did." (Example: A. I.)
    • "Hey, it wasn't that bad." (Example: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.)

    Whether you agree or not, it's pretty funny. (Via the Corner.)

  • Treacher enumerates the top 10 reasons President Obama is nothing like Travis the Chimp.

  • Best blog title I saw today: This is the way the world ends. Not with a whimper but a bang. And Tom Hanks.

Pineapple Express

[Amazon Link]

stars] [IMDb Link]

Disclaimer: this movie deals jocularly with a number of behaviors of which most decent people disapprove: copious amounts of marijuana use, selling and distribution of same, age-inappropriate romance. There is also considerable bad language (including a large number of what the MPAA delicately calls "sexual references"). And piles of violence.

If you can get past all that, this is really a very funny movie.

Seth Rogan plays Dale Denton, content with his process-server job, since it allows him to be half-to-fully baked most of the time. He also gets along well with his amiable dealer, Saul, played by James Franco. But one night Dale has the misfortune to witness a murder committed by Ted Jones (the great Gary Cole), on whom he was about to drop a subpoena. By coincidence, Ted also is the leading pot distributor in the area, and he's at war with a bunch of Chinese thugs trying to move in on his territory, he employs a couple hit men of marginal competence, he's in league with a deadly lady cop, and he wants Dale and Saul dead. Enough plot to fill up a movie? Sure.

Basically, the movie gets every possible gag out of Dale and Saul's pot-fueled stupidity and paranoia. There are a host of supporting actors, including Danny McBride, and they are all, also, extremely funny.

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