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  • To demonstrate the sad state of the Republican Party in my neck of the woods: the sole candidate the GOP put up to run for the NH House in my district (Strafford County 02) last year was Timothy Logsdon. He was even endorsed by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance. And he was, of course, soundly defeated.

    He was, for a time, Vice-Chairman of the Strafford County Republican Committee. He even has an (inactive) blog, defenderofliberty.blogspot.com. So, what's not to like? Well…

    Now he's been indicted on two counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault involving a minor. (The victim, reports our paper, "is now 5 years old.")

    As our local newspaper diligently adds to the end of every such report: "An indictment is not an indication of guilt, rather it means there is enough evidence to warrant a trial." Still, I'd suggest the Strafford County Republicans try to find a better sacrifical lamb in 2010.

  • In other news, the University Near Here advertises (PDF) (what seems like) the 437th annual performance of "The Vagina Monologues". The short poster contains (hopefully intentional) hilarity:

    The Vaginas are coming…

    Eek! Don't like that mental image.

    There's also earnestness:

    For your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, yourself

    Missing from the list: wife. Sorry, honey.

    But this bit was interesting too:

    All proceeds go towards ending violence

    Not just reducing violence, mind you. Ending it.

    So good news, everyone: later next month, no more violence. Because you went to see "The Vagina Monologues". Who knew it was so easy?

    I have a hard time even imagining the thought processes of people who write such stuff.

  • One more note on President Obama's not-the-State-of-the-Union speech from Drew Cline, who finds Obama to have a problem with the truth, especially his disclaimer that he doesn't "believe in bigger government":

    Can anyone possibly believe that? Can anyone believe that not borrowing several trillion dollars would make the federal deficit bigger than borrowing several trillion dollars would? To believe that, you have to believe that the federal government's revenues can be adjusted up or down but federal government spending can go only up, never down. You also have to believe that the only possible way to improve the economy is for the federal government to borrow several trillion dollars and allocate it in exactly the way President Obama and Congress want to allocate it.

    Drew doesn't buy it; neither do I.

  • Speaking of Drew Cline: I recently won one of his trivia contests, and scored a copy of Free Markets under Siege by Richard A. Epstein. (I happened to know the first name of our almost-Senator J. Bonnie Newman.) Thanks be to Drew.

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