Also Has Hopes Of One Day Becoming Mediocre

I got a chuckle out of Jim Fusilli's music column in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. It's about Steve Wilson, the mastermind behind the band "Porcupine Tree". He sounds like a nice guy, and a dedicated, talented musician, but …

I've taken the liberty of bolding the phrase that amused me in this paragraph:

As the 31-year-old Mr. Wilson reminded me when we spoke by phone last month, contemporary bands like Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Mars Volta and Flaming Lips embrace experimental and progressive rock. But, he said, "There really was a period there when ambition and experimentation were dirty words. Art rock had a negative connotation. I always thought that music that aspires to be pretentious was valuable."
"Aspires to be pretentious." That's a pretty a low bar to clear, isn't it? Darned if that quote wouldn't have been out of place in the Spinal Tap movie.

"Aspires to be pretentious" has been added to the Pun Salad subtitle rotation, and you may see it up there from time to time in the future.