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  • How does your state rank in terms of five major personality traits? Here's a map of "Extraversion":

    [Extroversion Map]

    New Hampshire is next-to-the-bottom in extraversion, beaten out only by Maryland. Of course, if you were that close to Maine, you'd be introverted too. We also rank relatively high in "Openness"—hey, that's good, right?—and "Neuroticism"—hm, maybe not so good. We're low in "Conscientiousness" and at best mediocre at "Agreeableness".

    Other maps and discussion here; actual PDF research paper here.

  • I've been a Star Trek fan since—gulp!—September 1966, so I'm more than a little excited by the upcoming movie. A bunch of Trekkies in Austin, Texas got transported to Geek Heaven last night: a surprise showing of the movie, introduced by some guy named Leonard Nimoy. Cool amateur video at the link; I'm insanely jealous.

  • I got a perfect 16/16 on the BBook of Geek Hardware Quiz, and I had a good time doing it.

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