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Coming up tomorrow at 5:30pm. Be in Victory Park, or be a contradictory snark.

[T Party, dude!]

I understand that "the usual group of right-wing billionaires" will be paying attendees off handsomely, and, frankly, it's about darn time.

Let me plug (unpaid) (seriously, unpaid) one of the sponsors, the Portsmouth Tea Company. If you're in our neck of the woods, pay their cafe a visit; it's across from the Tri-City Plaza in Somersworth. Even if you're not a tea fan, they make a mean panini.

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  • It's a pretty rare day when I quote anything from the Nation magazine approvingly, but Greg Mankiw notes the following:
    Thanks to an obscure tax provision, the United States government stands to pay out as much as $8 billion this year to the ten largest paper companies. And get this: even though the money comes from a transportation bill whose manifest intent was to reduce dependence on fossil fuel, paper mills are adding diesel fuel to a process that requires none in order to qualify for the tax credit. In other words, we are paying the industry--handsomely--to use more fossil fuel. "Which is," as a Goldman Sachs report archly noted, the "opposite of what lawmakers likely had in mind when the tax credit was established."
    The Nation writer manages to pull the wrong lesson from the fiasco, however:
    Whether or not Congress gets around to turning off the spigot, the episode is a useful reminder of the persistently ingenious ways the private sector can exploit even well-intentioned legislation.
    To the modern "progressive" it's the intentions that matter, so Congress gets off the hook; it's those damned private-sector people who "exploit" the laws as written.

    Alternative moral: government is simply incapable of designing a complex system of regulation, tax credits, subsidies and other gimmicks to encourage good behavior for general public benefit. They shouldn't try.

  • Check out Wired's article on the Webby Award Nominees. Had I not done so, I could have gone the entire rest of my life without seeing Green Porno, featuring Isabella Rosselini expounding on … um, stuff.

  • Also Webby-nominated is FailBlog, and while browsing there, I noticed that one of their submitters is a fan of the Rochester (NH) Police Log.

  • The Webbys seem to be slanted to the political left, but that's OK. The Humble Libertarian has a list of the "The Top 100 Libertarian Blogs and Websites". New Hampshire is represented by Libertarian Leanings, from Tom Bowler. It's a well-deserved honor.

  • Does every guy wish he could be an astronaut? A quick show of hands confirms the answer: yes. So the story of John Grunsfeld, about to make his fifth spaceflight, the final mission to the Hubble Space Telescope, filled me with wonder and jealousy.

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