URLs du Jour


  • Politico devotes an article to the theory that my own Congressperson/Toothache Carol Shea-Porter might be vulnerable to a GOP challenge in 2010. Lots of local quotes, including one of my favorites, where she defended her rubber stamp voting record:
    In an April 2007 interview with the Concord Monitor, Shea-Porter explained her views: "And so far I have voted, I think, 100 percent of the time with [Democratic leaders] because frankly I think they're 100 percent right," she said.
    (Via Drew Cline.)

  • The Game On! blog interviews Mr. Dave Roberts.
    If Terry Francona called today and said he needed you to go 90 feet, could you do it?

    Absolutely. I can make it for Terry Francona. I could steal a base for Terry Francona right now.

    Mr. Roberts just might be, as Surviving Grady asserts, the Greatest Human Being Ever.

  • You might have been stunned, or perhaps even shocked, by news stories claiming that the Four Corners National Monument marker showing where where Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico borders meet at a point was off from the true location by 2½ miles. It's especially distressing to those of us who thought it was so cool to put one extremity in each state.

    But today: never mind.

    "Where the marker is now is accepted," [Dave Doyle, chief geodetic surveyor for the National Geodetic Survey] said. "Even if it's 10 miles off, once it's adopted by the states, which it has been, the numerical errors are irrelevant. It becomes the legal definition" of the Four Corners.
    Ah, so I'm still cool.