URLs du Jour


  • Happy Cinco de Mayo, the 147th anniversary of a famous French military victory. It's F. A. Hayek's birthday, and Sixteen Candles came out 25 years ago, er, yesterday. Which makes Molly Ringwald, errrrrr, yes, 41. Sheesh.

  • But at the White House yesterday, it was Cinco de Cuatro. I guess it wasn't on the teleprompter.

  • It's T minus 2 days until Star Trek. (The official release date is May 8, but the Strand in Dover NH has a couple Thursday night shows, see you there.) Bide your time with with "Instruction Manuals for the USS Enterprise". (It's Cracked, there's one bad word.) Sample from the Bridge Regulations:

    WARNING! All control consoles double as Firework Storage Lockers.

    On detonation of fireworks, please leap dramatically to the floor and feign unconsciousness.

  • In related news:

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