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  • It's Odd Day; celebrate appropriately, but responsibly.

    (Actually, I thought just about any day I washed my socks was Odd Day.)

  • I think just about everyone in the universe hopes that Jerry Remy will get well soon. His subs in the NESN broadcast booth (Buck Martinez, Rex Hudler, Eck) have been "OK, but…"

  • I liked Manny too, but I'm kind of glad he's someone else's problem now.

  • Summary of this Washington Post story on Obama's budget "cuts": (1) It's $17 billion, which sounds big, but is actually 0.5% of the $3.4 trillion budget, and 1% of the proected $1.7 trillion deficit; (2) there's a considerable similarity to cuts proposed by Dubya; (3) nobody expects these cuts to actually happen, thanks to Congress; (4) the Department of Education maintains an "attache" in Paris. How do you get that job?

  • An actual headline in this morning's Foster's Daily Democrat:
    Judge drops deferred sentence for former Newmarket mother who dropped her child in Portsmouth
    With Foster's you're never sure whether this sort of thing is intentional or not. Later in the story, the reporter notes that the "former Newmarket mother" has been through "substantial substance abuse treatment"; that makes me lean toward intentional.