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  • Genius Harvard Econ Prof Greg Mankiw points out that the "cap-'n'-trade" bill under consideration is in direct conflict with promises President Obama made on the campaign trail. And asks, I think puckishly, whether Obama will issue a veto threat.

    (Of course, if we had a non-sycophantic media, you might have heard about this from other sources. Which brings us to …)

  • Patterico notes, quite masterfully, what we mean when we talk about media bias: the disparate treatment of assertions made by Dick Cheney and Barack Obama. Guess whose assertions are singled out as being "difficult to prove"?

  • George Will criticizes a recent law review article by Zephyr Teachout, who sounds horrifying to anyone who takes free speech seriously. Prof Teachout means to find an "anti-corruption context" to "refine the meaning of the privilege of political speech." (Emphasis added.) Hence opening the barn door wide to allow the government to regulate. <sarcasm>Naw, I don't see any problems there, do you?</sarcasm>

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the Washington Post has the amazing story of the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, Available in Various Sizes.

    For a day or two, a black T-shirt featuring an image of three wolves baying at a full moon claimed the top slot at the online store's clothing bestseller list,, beating out the usual, unremarkable mix of Levi's 505 regular-fit jeans, Crocs clogs and Adidas running shoes.

    Why? Because of an Internet meme started at collegehumor.com which pointed out the amusing reviews the shirt was getting.

    The t-shirt is made by a Keene, NH company "The Mountain." They seem equally amused and stunned. (Via Granite Geek.)

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