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  • I didn't know this.
    The Red Sox telecast on NESN is one of only three in Major League Baseball that places its main camera directly behind the pitcher in straightaway center field. The other 27 clubs, including the Braves, put the camera off-center, about 10 to 15 degrees toward left field.
    I did notice, however, that the (relatively recent) camera angle put an end to the phenomenon once noted by many of the maturity-impaired: when the "GIANT GLASS" ad came up on the Fenway backstop, and a hitter stood in a certain way, the "GL" was obscured, leading to immature snickering throughout the NESN coverage area.

    I miss that.

  • Shawn Macomber goes to Mars. Mars, PA, that is, to recount the story of Stephanie Babines, who fought for her right to teach pole-dancing fitness classes on in Mars.

    Diligent Pun Salad research has revealed uncovered found Ms. Babine's website, so if you're in the Martian area, and are so inclined, check her out. (Unless you're allergic to way too much pink.)

  • Are you a big enough math geek to figure out what the xkcd guy is doing today? (Answer is here.)

  • Again, something I didn't know: Stoned wallabies make crop circles.

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