User Support Translation III

Just a helpful note: when you're in a "support dialogue" (e-mail or verbal) with a system administrator, and he or she types or says this:

You're right that…
what he or she really means is:
What you just said was full of misconceptions, irrelevant information, and probable lies. Nothing was the slightest help in even figuring out the problem, let alone in trying to fix it. However, you did manage to say something technically true, even if it was trivial and obvious, and in an effort to keep this discussion on a positive note, I'll go out of my way to point that out to you.
The usual disclaimer applies: if you happen to be someone to whom I've said this, you are of course an exception to this rule.

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Le Doulos

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I'm being a total philistine here. The critics and IMDB crowd waxed ecstatic about Le Doulos, but I was much less impressed. Hey, don't go by me: you'll probably like it!

It's a French crime movie, directed by the famed Jean-Pierre Melville. The two main characters, Silien and Faugel, are nobody's sweethearts: Faugel cold-bloodedly murders a fence in the opening scene. Later, Silien knocks Faugel's girlfriend unconcious, ties her up, and tortures her to get her to reveal Faugel's whereabouts. The plot is driven by Faugel's suspicion that Silien is a police informant.

But the plot is unusually twisty; nothing is as it seems, and "what really happened" flashback revelations are postponed as long as possible. Kind of an early version of The Usual Suspects.

So why didn't I like it that much? Probably the lack of sympathetic and interesting characters, and way too many scenes where people are just walking around, driving around, looking all moody. Ho hum.

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