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  • Proposition: the best editorial cartoonist in the world is currently Michael Ramirez at Investor's Business Daily. A recent example:


  • At NRO, Victor Davis Hanson examines one variety of Barackrobatics: the "noble lie". You should Read The Whole Thing™, but here's the final paragraph:

    In other words, Obama is our first truly postmodern president. And the Guardians who form his elite circle -- in the very manner that they once falsely accused neo-cons of doing -- deliberately, but "nobly," distort the truth on behalf of us all.

  • But if you have the time to Read Another Whole Thing™, make it Thomas Sowell's column on the wacky unreality pervading all discussions of health care reform.

    The great haste with which the latest government expansion into medical care is being rushed through Congress suggests that the politicians don't want us to stop and think. That makes sense, from their point of view, but not from ours.

    To adapt a saying I've used in a different context: the politicians want you to think that they're controlling prices; but there are no controlled prices, there are only controlled people.

  • A pictorial collection of misplaced optimism: There, I fixed it.

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