URLs du Jour


  • The effort by the Bureau of the Public Debt to engage "Humor in the Workplace" presentations for an upcoming meeting (that we blogged about yesterday) has been cancelled. Awww.

    Your Federal Government pledges to try to waste your money in less-easily lampoonable ways in the future.

  • Eugene Volokh writes on a funny feature with the Amazon Kindle: what Amazon provides, Amazon can also de-provide.

    Fans of 1984: make sure you catch the comment at the end.

  • The Gorilla Glue Company wants you to know that they do not, repeat, do not, advocate use of their product to keep President Obama in the Oval Office desk chair.

  • Usually NSFW refers to … um, something else, but at Cracked it's very literal. Avoid if you're averse to either the usual Cracked bad language or simulated workplace carnage.