URLs du Jour


  • My very own Congressperson, Carol Shea-Porter is featured at Hot Air, and is skewered by Captain Ed for her remarks on health care.
    "I just wanted to make a couple of comments. I heard one of my colleagues say 'waiting in line,' that people would be waiting in line for medical care. I would like to say that many of my constituents would love to wait in line for medical care," Shea-Porter stated. "They are yanked out of line because they don't have coverage."
    Carol's solution means that everyone will wait in line. Ed points out that, for people in the Obama/Shea-Porter mindset, the real issue isn't improving health care; it's a fetishistic imposition of "equality".

  • Skip at GraniteGrok notes the latest embarrassment associated with the University System of New Hampshire, the final (PDF) report from the "Governor's Task Force on Young Worker Retention". Page 13 deserves special attention:
    The Task Force received several comments regarding the issue of branding the state that would help attract and retrain young workers. Through input and discussions, there is strong sentiment that the "live free or die" slogan does not connect with this demographic and that something else is needed.
    How about "Get the Hell Off My Lawn"?

    Skip is eloquent in his takedown of this nonsense.

  • Apparently at last night's news conference, President Obama accused doctors of getting rich off unnecessary tonsillectomies. Frank J helps out with some possible strategies if your kid's doctor is playing this game. For example:
    Take your child's medical files and send [them] to Barack Obama. He or another qualified bureaucrat will determine whether the operation is necessary.
    Actual physicians are more diplomatic in expressing their disagreement. (Remarkably so, given the president's intimation that they were all a bunch of greedy slimeballs.)