Last Chance Harvey

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A perfectly pleasant little movie with first class acting and no surprises. You can get most of what's going on by looking at the DVD box over there: Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, London.

Dustin plays Harvey Shine, a musician who's been reduced to writing music for commercials, and even that's in jeopardy. He's in London for his daughter's wedding, but he seems doomed to remain on the periphery of events, placed in a hotel while the rest of the wedding party stays in a rented house. Worse, his daughter wants handsome new daddy Brian to give her away.

Meanwhile, Emma plays Kate Walker, who seems to be well on her way to old-maid status. She has a job interviewing incoming tourists at Heathrow; her co-workers try to set her up, but it doesn't work out.

So (yes) these two lonely people find each other. It's an OK movie, and it's always difficult for me to take my eyes off Emma Thompson. It follows the usual romantic comedy plot: setup, meet-cute, getting-to-know-you, crisis, reconciliation. Very short at 93 minutes, and they take their sweet time in telling the story, so there's not much to it.

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