Dear Senators:

I'd like to encourage you to vote against any further money for the "Cash for Clunkers" program. The Wall Street Journal today has a direct and telling criticism, calling it (correctly) "crackpot economics":

The subsidy won't add to net national wealth, since it merely transfers money to one taxpayer's pocket from someone else's, and merely pays that taxpayer to destroy a perfectly serviceable asset in return for something he might have bought anyway. By this logic, everyone should burn the sofa and dining room set and refurnish the homestead every couple of years.
It was a bad idea, please don't compound the mistake. Thanks for your consideration.

Amazon Scares Me

While "researching" the previous item, I was looking at Amazon's Horror page. And saw:

[The Horror]

Wha… is this some kind of ghoulish joke? … Oh, right: "Thriller". But still…

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The Bovine Menace

Shocking news from TierneyLab:

The image of cows as placid, gentle creatures is a city slicker's fantasy, judging from an article published on Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which reports that about 20 people a year are killed by cows in the United States.
Pick your movie title:

  • Barnyard Epitaph

  • Cuds!

  • Revenge of the Tipped

  • Udder Disaster

  • Cloverfield — oops, sorry, taken.