Jim Wallis is Likely Hiding His Own Shortcomings, Claims Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis is CEO of "Sojourners", a lefty religious organization. For some reason I noticed his blog entry today:

I have never really trusted those who are intolerant and condemning of other people's shortcomings. It makes me suspect they are likely hiding their own.
Compare and contrast that attitude with one of his posts a mere three weeks ago, on Sarah Palin:
Sarah, you're the one who is acting in an "evil" way. After listening to your policy pronouncements during the campaign, many Americans decided, generously, that you weren't ready yet for high political office. Others thought you just weren't very smart. But this statement last week really does clear up the question for me. You are speaking like a demagogue in the worst tradition of those who knowingly distort and deceive, for their own political purposes. You want to stoke people's worst fears and then, hopefully, they will look to someone like you to be their leader. You're not stupid after all. You know that neither President Obama, nor anyone else in this health-care debate, would deny health care for your parents or child, and that none of the ideas being debated would suggest that. But people are confused and concerned, so you see your chance to prey upon their misunderstandings. Politics for people like you is really all about you, your fame and power, and your taste of it during the last election has revealed what kind of politician you truly are.
Etc. The difference is that in the more recent post, he's talking about Teddy Kennedy. Tolerant forgiveness goes only so far for Jim Wallis, baby, and it stops well short of Sarah Palin.

Unlike Jim Wallis, I have absolutely no problem with being intolerant and condemning of other people's shortcomings. That's why I'm forthrightly telling you that Jim Wallis is a hypocritical idiot whose dishonest moral preening should set any decent person's teeth on edge.

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  • Honest, I thought I was reading Iowahawk for a moment. But it's Amy Kane:
    Calvin Coolidge to address nation's schoolchildren on Sept. 8

    Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2009 A.D.

    HEAVEN - A spokesangel for a coalition of dead presidents announced today that John Calvin Coolidge, Jr., the taciturn 30th president of the United States, has been chosen to deliver an address to schoolchildren on September 8.

    You will want to read the whole thing, and also to check out the accompanying Obamicon.

  • Didja hear the one about the 80's female hip-hop star who forced her record company, Warner Music, to shell out a contractually-obligated $200K to finance her education, including a Cornell Ph. D.?

    Well, in the Everything You Know Is Wrong Department

  • Maine resident Gary Moody is in trouble again.
    Four years ago, Gary Moody explained his presence in the bottom of a pit toilet on the Kancamagus Highway by saying he was retrieving his wife's lost wedding ring. Now Moody -- who dodged jail time in that incident -- is facing three new charges related to incidents at a campground toilet in the White Mountain National Forest.

    A 13-page affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Portland, Maine, last week details the investigation that began Memorial Day weekend, after U.S. Forest Service investigators looked into reports that "a man was inside in the waste vault" at Hastings Campground in Gilead, Maine, a few miles from the New Hampshire border at Shelburne.

    The Smoking Gun has the supporting documentation. Key point from the crack investigator:

    27. MOODY said that his shirt then fell into the pit and he took apart the toilet stand and climbed down into the pit to get the shirt so that he wouldn't get in trouble for dropping it in there. I asked MOODY how he would get in trouble for dropping a shirt into the pit and MOODY said, "Well you know with DNA and everything."
    The "bottom" line (so to speak): if you're travelling up north this weekend, and need to use the facilities, you might want to check first to make sure Gary's not down there looking for something or other.

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