X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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This got pretty bad reviews, and has a mediocre IMDB rating, but I thought it was OK.

Hugh Jackman is back playing Wolverine, his fourth appearance in the role. In case you didn't notice the movie's title: this is his origin story, picking up from his sickly childhood in nineteenth-century Canada. A violent episode reveals his powers, but also sends him on the run, teamed with his psychopathic brother, Victor. Victor only gets crazier and meaner throughout the decades. A bit of overreaction in Vietnam bring the pair to the attention of Stryker, another evil lunatic with a nefarious plan involving the roundup of mutants, by mutants. This X-Men precursor, unsurprisingly, isn't that nice a bunch.

Wolverine eventually notices that Stryker is even more dangerous than Victor, seeing as how their missions all seem to involve a lot of needless violence involving innocents. So he quits, going off to lumberjack in Canada, settling down with the lovely Kayla. But this sort of thing never lasts, and quite frankly, it wouldn't be a very interesting movie if it did.

The single DVD from Netflix had no extras, but since Wolverine is seen cigar-chompin' in a few scenes, it includes an anti-smoking public service announcement.

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