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  • Thank goodness those nasty Republicans are no longer in a position to divert taxpayer money to corporate welfare projects benefiting well-connected fat cats. Oh, wait
    The [Massachusetts Governor Deval] Patrick administration is pushing through a plan to spend $9 million in federal stimulus money to build a walking bridge connecting parking lots on either side of Route 1 near Gillette Stadium. The lots belong to Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, who is tied for number 468 on Forbes Magazine’s list of the world’s billionaires.

    State officials decided to bypass a host of projects across the state - including road rebuilding projects in Canton, Danvers, Braintree, and Bellingham - to build the footbridge.

  • OK, so that's crazy old Massachusetts. Up here in New Hampshire, our Democrats would never do anything like that. Oh, wait
    CLAREMONT, N.H. -- The state of New Hampshire is guaranteeing part of a loan to the new owner of the Claremont Eagle Times newspaper.

    Last Wednesday, New Hampshire's Executive Council approved without debate the "working capital loan guarantee," which will be administered by the state's Business Finance Authority.

    The Valley News of Lebanon said the authority and the state would be liable for $187,500 of a $250,000 loan from the Connecticut River Bank to the paper's owner, Eagle Printing.

  • Scott Johnson of Power Line notes what was said and what was unsaid in President Obama's televised speech commemorating the tear-down of the Berlin Wall. Obama remarked on the remarkable remarkableness of the fact that Germany's "American ally would be led by a man of African descent." What was not remarkable at all:
    Obama's brief remarks are an exercise in bowdlerization, circumlocution, evasion. Omitted from the remarks, among other things, is any mention of the Soviet Union or Communism, Harry Truman or Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher or Pope John Paul. Obama neither decries the villains nor salutes the heroes of the story. Rather, Obama celebrates himself. He is an agent of destiny. He is the fulfillment of history.
    Also, for the first time in his adult life, he's proud of his country.

  • I've been watching V, because, as Kyle Smith points out, it's "an hour of devastating, witty and keenly on-point Obama satire every week in a series fuelled [sic] by the audacity of nope."

    That's nice, of course, but for Geeks of a Certain Age, the key question is: when is the alien babe going to eat a rat? Your intrepid blogger found the answer: soon, baby, soon.

  • Lileks discovers a musical genre at Perkins: Christian Trance. Really? Yes, apparently so.

    Pun Salad mini-review: You might zone out and drive your car off a bridge while listening to it, but at least you'll go to Heaven.

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