The Proposal

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This is a completely prefabricated, entirely predictable, money-making vehicle. Never mind that, it's still funny.

Sandra Bullock plays Margaret, a hard-as-nails slave-driving boss in a publishing company. And Ryan Reynolds plays Andrew, her competent, but suffering, personal assistant. Unfortunately, Margaret's Canadian, and has, via her arrogance and procrastination, run out her welcome in the Land of the Free. So it's back to Canada with her, unless she comes up with a wacky scheme to marry Patrick. Before you know it, Margaret and Patrick are off to Sitka, Alaska, to visit Patrick's family.

And, yes, things all develop pretty much as you would expect them to, if you've seen more than three recent romantic comedies.

And the Alaskan scenery is gorgeous. Despite it being, er, not actually Alaskan. According to the IMDB, it's Newport RI, and various locations in the North Shore of Massachusetts. Mountains added digitally. A time-lapse movie of the midnight sun skimming the horizon was also mere trickery.

Patrick's Grandma Annie is played by the wonderful Sue Ann Nivens herself, Betty White. In a just world, she would get at least a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her role. The only slightly unpredictable plot point is whether she's going to make it to the end of the movie; no spoilers here.

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