Drag Me to Hell

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Note: not a sequel to Meet Me in St. Louis, although that would make a pretty good double feature.

"We're showing Meet Me in St. Louis and Drag Me to Hell. … No, that's two movies."

Alison Lohman plays Christine Brown, a loan officer at a small bank. She's in a fierce competition with co-worker Stu for an open managerial position; the bank's manager has made it clear he likes his underlings to be hard-nosed, with their eyes firmly on the bottom line.

Unfortunately, Christine decides to be hard-nosed with the wrong customer: Mrs. Ganush, an old Eastern-European lady who's behind on her mortgage payments. When Christine refuses to budge, Mrs. Ganush drops a big old curse on her; it involves three days of scarifying torment followed by the action described in the title. That is, unless Christine can find out some way to cancel out the curse.

I'm not normally a fan of the horror genre, but I found Drag Me to Hell to be lots of fun. (It's probably not for the squeamish, though.) Sam Raimi, a long time horror director (now better known for doing the Spider-Man movies) has a sly sense of humor about the whole thing. It's bad enough to be cursed, but (even worse) the curse keeps putting Christine in various embarrassing positions. You think your first meeting with your prospective in-laws didn't go well? Rest assured, it went better than Christine's.

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