URLs du Jour


  • Jacob Sullum analyzes frequent phrases used in President Obama's rhetoric, using his recent speech at the Jobs Summit as a starting point.
    For connoisseurs of Obama-speak, the address featured a trifecta, combining three of his favorite rhetorical tropes. There was the vague reference to "those who" question his agenda, the "false choice" they use to deceive the public, and the determination to "be clear" and forthright, in contrast with those dishonest naysayers. These devices are useful as signals that the president is about to mislead us.
    As Jacob notes, Obama also said:
    And I made clear from day one that I would not sign a health insurance reform bill if it raised the deficit by one dime -- and neither the House, nor the Senate bill does. We've begun not only changing policies in Washington, we've also begun to change the culture in Washington.
    Emphasis added; previous Pun Salad posts on Obama's use of "dime" are here, here, and here.

    So, Jacob: I think they call this a superfecta.

  • Skip at GraniteGrok eloquently criticizes the latest effort to transform the Granite State into a Nanny State: the recent report issued by the "New Hampshire Commission on Prevention of Childhood Obesity".

    I can't be too critical myself. To find out why, you can download the Commission's glossy report (PDF), skip to page two, and check out the last name on the list of commission members.

    What can I say? She listens to NPR, too.

  • By the way, if the Granite State were transforming into a Nanny State, would the intermediate state be a Granny State, or a Nanite State? Just asking.

  • Mark your calendars. May 7, 2010: Iron Man 2. This is one major reason I can't afford to annoy influential members of the New Hampshire Commission on Prevention of Childhood Obesity: I need a date.