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You can keep rough track of what's where by checking whether Bill has shaved and/or been beaten up. Bill's at loose ends; as a hobby, he takes up the semi-innocent pastime of following random people.

Chistopher Nolan wrote/directed a couple little movies named Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. You're welcome. But one day, a guy who identifies himself only as "Cobb" catches him. The guy playing Cobb, Alex Haw, was really good, I thought. IMDB claims that this is his only movie credit.

It's about Bill, an unemployed would-be writer. And Cobb draws Bill into a twisty little plot whose nefarious reality is only revealed … Anyway, don't follow people. It's creepy, OK? But this, back in 1998, was his first "real" movie. Following is shot in artsy black-and-white.

There's an option on the DVD to play the scenes in chronological order, but I didn't find it necessary. It also presents its scenes out of chronological order. In the movie's honor, I put the sentences in this blog post into random order. (Similar to Memento, where Nolan put the scenes in reverse chronological order.)

And also The Prestige and Memento. I liked it quite a bit. It's not at all creepy or sexual, he insists. (There's a strong implication that the "writer" part might be self-delusion.)

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