I Grow Old … I Grow Old …

I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled:

  • Well, here's some encouraging news. Blogging is for old people, Pew report finds.
    Teenagers and young adults spent less time blogging during the past three years as social networks like Facebook became more popular, according to a Pew Research Center study released Wednesday.
    I'd love to delve into that in more detail, but I'm spending a lot of time composing an upcoming blog post comparing Lawrence Welk with Guy Lombardo. (Via Granite Geek.)

  • … which makes this article all the more poignant:
    PALO ALTO, CA—Alzheimer's researchers at Stanford University published a study this week showing that the degenerative brain disease is beginning to affect the baby boomer generation, causing many to remember the 1960s even less accurately than they normally would.

  • Dave Barry pens a helpful guide for people visiting Miami for the Super Bowl:
    Dear Super Bowl Visitor:

    Welcome to Miami! Get ready for a fun Super Bowl week, because you're going to see some serious partying ``Miami Style'' -- people eating, drinking, singing, shouting, fighting, discharging firearms, sacrificing animals, sinking motor yachts and dancing naked around burning buses. And those are our police officers.

    Go Saints! Or Colts! I don't care! I'm just hoping Pete Townshend makes it through halftime without breaking a hip.

  • But not everyone is happy to see Pete:
    Florida-based "Protect Our Children" wants the NFL to reconsider letting "The Who" perform, and even sent 1,500 "sex offender advisory" postcards to homes and schools, warning residents to watch out for Townshend.
    … and also Cousin Kevin.

  • A funny-yet-serious post from Steve Landsburg, who remembers…
    Congressman Donald Schwerbitz, who represented South Dakota back in the 1960s and 70s, was a visionary environmentalist who sponsored the first legislation designed to reduce our national carbon footprint. It was Congressman Schwerbitz who recognized that carbon emissions are caused primarily by breathing, and he proposed to cut those emissions in half by requiring every American to wear a device that plugs up one nostril.
    Steve notes that the Schwerbitz spirit is still alive and well today, and writing op-eds in the Washington Post.

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