Slimy Money Update

I posted yesterday on various Granite State Democrats accepting campaign money from Charlie Rangel's PAC, including mine own Congresscritter/Toothache Carol Shea-Porter. As it turns out, the NH GOP was also on the case, both reporting yesterday that she was refusing to return the "tainted" contributions, and then, later, noting that she had.

The GOP references a Union Leader story that (as near as I can tell) isn't on their website. It says that the other two politically active recipients of RangelCash, Jeanne Shaheen, and Paul Hodes, "have officially refused to return the tainted campaign contributions".

(The GOP also is griping about the $10K Katrina Swett got from the Rangel PAC in 2002. That seems to be a stretch.)

But in other news, Congresswoman Shea-Porter continues to get attention from places like Hot Air, where Captain Ed notes her sock-puppetry. It's hard to deny the plain fact of her voting record, and she doesn't:

Ed links to a Union Leader article (this one's web-available):

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will raise money for New Hampshire Rep. Carol Shea-Porter later this week in Boston.

The Granite Status has learned the Shea-Porter campaign has sent out invitations to a fund-raising reception featuring Pelosi and Shea-Porter on Friday at The Liberty Hotel on Beacon Hill.

In case it's not obvious to our non-local readers: the fundraiser for the New Hampshire Congresswoman will be held in Massachusetts.

Not that I blame her. A fundraiser held in upscale Beacon Hill is likely to be far more remunerative than one held in—say—hopelessly déclassé Manchester. And I'm sure Squeaker Pelosi is a lot more popular down there.

But if I were a GOP operative, I'd be drooling; the campaign ads write themselves.

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