Golly Gee What Have You Done To Me

Well I guess it doesn't matter anymore:

  • Here's something I didn't know: Paul Anka wrote that song.

  • All the other cool bloggers (like Amy and Skip) are posting the local TV station's coverage of my (New Hampshire) Congresswoman's fundraiser (held in Boston, Massachusetts). Let me not be left out:

    Even in the brief spot, the newscaster finds time to mention that (a) the event was closed to the press's prying eyes; and (b) although Speaker Nancy Pelosi was filmed entering the venue, Congresswoman Shea-Porter chose to use a different entrance away from the cameras. The overall message was probably not one Democrats would have preferred.

    Pun Salad value-added: the fat-cat event was held at Beantown's Liberty Hotel; if it looks a little drab to you, no wonder: it used to be the Charles Street Jail. According to Wikipedia, previous guests included "James Michael Curley, Malcolm X, Sacco and Vanzetti, suffragists imprisoned for protests when President Woodrow Wilson visited Boston in 1919, and World War II prisoners from the German submarine Unterseeboot 234." All indications are, however, that both Shea-Porter and Pelosi were allowed to leave on their own recognizance.

  • President Obama, February 25, 2010, in response to John McCain at the "Health Care Summit":
    Let me just make this point, John, because we're not campaigning anymore. The election's over.
    NPR, today:
    President Obama is back in full campaign mode to drum up support for health overhaul.
    CNN, today:
    Obama repeated his assertion that the plan under consideration includes the best Democratic and Republican ideas. The time for debate has ended, he argued.
    If I may paraphrase: "No campaigning, unless I'm doing it. The debate is over, but just for my opponents."

  • On a releated note, Keith Hennesey posts matched pairs of headlines, one current, one from last year. Example:
    AP: Obama's health care pitch to Democrats: Trust me
    AP: Obama makes last-minute appeal to Democrats for health care votes
    Rand Simberg takes the obvious shot:
    Apparently the White House has never learned about the definition of insanity -- to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results.

  • Mark Steyn explains why the stakes are so high for both sides:
    I've been saying in this space for two years that the governmentalization of health care is the fastest way to a permanent left-of-center political culture.

    It redefines the relationship between the citizen and the state in fundamental ways that make limited government all but impossible.

    Democrats are betting that there are no U-turns on the Road to Serfdom.

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The Hangover

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It took about three months for Netflix to send this to me, but I was in no hurry.

It's the story of an ill-fated bachelor party set in Vegas. The revelers are an odd-quadruple: Phil (Bradley Cooper) is a schoolteacher who plans to use his students' field-trip deposits to finance (apparently) some gaming; Stu (Ed Helms) is a dentist so brutally henpecked by his girlfriend that he tells her the gang is going to the Napa Valley; and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) is the more-than-slightly loopy brother of the bride-to-be. Doug, the groom, seems normal; but he makes up for it by going missing at some point during the festivities. When the other three wake up the Morning After, there's a mysterious female leaving the premises, their hotel room is trashed, there's a chicken wandering around, and a tiger in the bathroom. And nobody can remember what happened.

The rest of the movie follows the three amigos as they seek their missing buddy in order to return him to LA in time for the nuptials. Their amateur detective work in retracing their steps causes them to run across all sorts of colorful characters they don't remember. It's raunchy (MPAA says: "pervasive language, sexual content including nudity, and some drug material"), but fun.

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