But Now You're Sad, Your Mama's Mad

… and your papa says he knows that I don't have any money:

  • Citizens contemplating claiming that they're of the "American" race on the census (discussed here) should check out Hans A. von Spakovsky's comments at the Corner. His opinion is that it might, theoretically, get you fined. (And with the US Government in dire financial straits, who knows what desperate revenue-raising measures they might attempt?)

  • Prof Drezner gets a little tired of a Barackrobatic tic, exemplified by this speech excerpt:
    I know there are differences of opinion between Democrats and Republicans, between business and labor, about the right approach. But I also know we are at a moment where it is absolutely necessary for us to get beyond those old debates.
    Drezner lashes out:
    First of all, a quick message to Jon Favreau: Jon, this going-beyond-old/stale-debates thing gets tedious if you use it for every friggin' policy initiative.
    Drezner's links are cruel indeed: using the White House's own search engine to reveal the overuse of these old, stale phrases about those old, stale debates.

    Drezner also makes some more serious points about the likely ineffectiveness of the policy Obama was introducing: the "National Export Initiative".

    PS: Jon Favreau, Obama speechwriter, is not to be confused with Jon Favreau, the Hollywood actor/writer/director/producer. And when I say "not to be confused", I mean I thought they were the same guy until I looked it up.

  • Another Professor, Don Boudreaux, comments more succinctly on the National Export Initiative:
    A headline in today's Wall Street Journal reads "Obama Details Effort to Double Exports Over Five Years."

    Translation: "Obama Details Effort to Increase Corporate Welfare Over Five Years."

  • Geeks of a Certain Age will want to check out:

    Don't blink, or you'll miss Jeff Bridges.

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