All You Gotta Do Is Ring A Bell

… step right up:

  • On the ObamaCare front, the Democrats seem intent on prolonging the agony. Ms Rubin ably sums up the state of play as of late this morning, where the final bill has not yet come out:
    So days before voting -- or not really voting -- to revolutionize American health care and impose a massive new tax-and-spend scheme on the public, we still don't really know what they are voting on. Er, not voting on. It's remarkable and, even for this crew, quite jaw-dropping in its disregard for any semblance of seriousness. But the point is simply to pass something, after all. It's all about saving face for the Democratic leadership. The "details" -- the Constitution and the substance of the bill -- will just need to take a back seat.

  • If you don't know where your Congresscritter stands on ObamaCare, by the way, the Washington Post has a list. (Update: sorry, can't find a good link for it now. Trust me.)

    Surprisingly, my own Congresswoman, Carol Shea-Porter, is listed as 'Undecided'. Unfortunately, I think this means something like: "I'd like to avoid voting for it, because my constituents have been telling me overwhelmingly they hate it, but if Nancy says I have to, I will."

    Still, if you're in her district, it couldn't hurt to phone her office or send her mail to keep the pressure on. (When I mailed, I got a boilerplate non-response response. Sigh.)

  • In the "Life Imitates the Simpsons" category, we have the US Attorney General:
    Osama bin Laden "will never appear in an American courtroom," Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. told House members at a hearing Tuesday.

    "Let's deal with the reality here," Holder said in response to questions from Rep. John Culberson (R-Tex.). "The reality is, we will be reading Miranda rights to a corpse."

    … sounding very much like McBain:
    McBain is a movie action hero played by fictional actor Rainier Wolfcastle, a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis … Some of his movies include, McBain: You Have the Right to Remain Dead
    Professor Althouse has more serious comments about the increasingly absurd AG.

  • The main difference between Cracked and The Onion is that you can often actually learn something from Cracked. Today's data point is "6 Subtle Ways The News Media Disguises Bullshit As Fact".

  • This is the funniest commercial currently on TV:

    "It's an oyster, with two tickets to that thing you love." That cracks me up every time.

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