I Think I'm Turning Japanese

… I really think so:

  • I have been remiss:

    [Tax Day Tea Party]

    Click the image to embiggen; click here for info. Skip of GraniteGrok has kindly invited me to sit in the "Bloggers Row" he's setting up. Which, for some reason, brings to mind that old Star Wars quote: "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." So: you must be cautious. Please drop by and say hi.

    In addition to Manchester, there are events planned in Portsmouth and Concord.

  • From the safe distance of Florida, Dave Barry notes recent New England craziness: (1) the egg drop in Rochester (the commenters remember WKRP in Cincinnati pretty well); and (2) the Women's topless march in Portland, Maine. What are we, California?

  • For years I went to Webshots for my wallpaper needs. Since 2007, they've been a commercial offshot of the American Greetings card company, and (bless them) have ramped up their efforts to make some bucks off the site. ("Get Unlimited Screensavers and Wallpapers, only $19.99 a year") The download format is Windows-proprietary (although there are ways around that), and no free high-res pictures. You need an account. Ads and upgrade offers are intrusive.

    But I recently discovered that National Geographic has a photo site too. As you might expect, the pictures are spectacular. As you might not expect, they're free, mostly 1600x1200, and they're plain old JPEG. There's no nagging, accounts, etc. If you're looking for a super-safe-for-work wallpaper source, it's right there.

  • Frank J observes:
    We currently have the most women ever in space at once (four), in case you were wondering why the earth seemed so quiet.
    For your convenience, here's a brief article on how to respond to sexist comments.

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