Tea Party in Manchester

Gosh, this is fun. I'm incredibly honored to have been asked by Skip at GraniteGrok to be part of "Blogger's Row". My fellow rowmates, besides Skip, are from Radioactive Liberty, Weekend Pundit, America's Watchtower, News from the North Woods, Citizens for Reasonable and Fair Taxes, and ConChrist.

Sun's pretty bright for this cheap-ass laptop though. Power is a shared 6-outlet power strip, and we're leeching Wi-fi from the Manchester Public Library. (Thanks.) So I'll try to make this my first—maybe last—live blog, updating as things happen. But don't be surprised if I'm less coherent than usual. It's definitely not my normal blogging environment.

Right now, about 15 minutes before the scheduled start, this little one block square park is filling up. There are a lot of signs from GOP candidates: Ashooh, Guinta and Giuda, Kimball, Ovide. And even a few Ayotte!

[Update: <sarcasm>well, that went well.</sarcasm> Just as I was typing, the Manchester Public Library hotspot went away, and didn't come back. More later.]

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Quote du Jour

From Homer J. Simpson, watching TV news coverage of last-minute tax filers at the Springfield Post Office:

Will you look at those morons? I paid my taxes over a year ago!
Via GeekPress.

Hope to have something about the Tea Party in Manchester NH later.