Up On the Hill, People Never Stare

… they just don't care:

  • The coveted Pun Salad Read The Whole Thing (If You Haven't Already) Award goes to Mr. Barone's recent column:
    But public policy also helps determine the kind of society we are. The Obama Democrats see a society in which ordinary people cannot fend for themselves, where they need to have their incomes supplemented, their health care insurance regulated and guaranteed, their relationships with their employers governed by union leaders. Highly educated mandarins can make better decisions for them than they can make themselves.

    That is the culture of dependence. The tea partiers see things differently. They're not looking for lower taxes; half of tea party supporters, a New York Times survey found, think their taxes are fair. Nor are they financially secure: Half say someone in their household may lose their job in the next year. Two-thirds say the recession has caused some hardship in their lives. But they recognize, correctly, that the Obama Democrats are trying to permanently enlarge government and increase citizens' dependence on it.

    When President Obama gets befuddled at Tea Partiers ("You would think they'd be saying thank you."), it simply shows, as the cliché goes: he just doesn't get it. He needs it explained to him at the ballot box.

  • But you should also read Glenn Reynolds' uncharactaristically long post reminding us what a slimeball Bill Clinton was (and is) about exploiting the Oklahoma City bombing 15 years ago for his political gain; and how Obama seems determined to follow in his footsteps.

  • In related news, the Rothenberg Political Report rates both NH congressional seats as "Pure Toss-ups". 198 days before Election Day, and counting.

  • Commentary's blog, Contentions is pretty good, but contributor Anthony Scaramone's occasional posts collecting pithy comments on recent news would be worth reading all by themselves. Sample:

    Comet eaten by the sun. New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg insists calorie content be displayed prominently.

  • The famed Dr. Boli, um, participated in "World Homeopathy Awareness Week" (which is over, sorry if you missed it) with a fine collection from his archives.

    But even better, some homeopaths wrote him, to "correct certain popular misconceptions about their science." Those corrections and his responses are here.