Yes, I'm a Sack of Broken Eggs

… I always have an unmade bed, don't you?:

  • The Gallup headline is:
    GOP Takes Unprecedented 10-Point Lead on Generic Ballot
    But I think Tom Smith has a better one:
    GOP surges to 10 point lead in less hated party

  • If you pay dim attention to TV commercials, you might have noticed that Dodge recently dinked their "tent event" ad from this:

    to this:

    I.e., from using a visible chimp to an invisible chimp to detonate a confetti explosion. The explanation is here; in short, Dodge was cowed by accusations of animal cruelty from PETA and other organizations.

    No decent person advocates being mean to chimps, but (somehow) I doubt that turning one invisible will help. Meanwhile I have heard zero animal rights outrage over this:

    Forcing those poor doggies to play poker! Compelling that tiny giraffe to smooch the Commie! You can't tell me that isn't cruel.

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