Running Blind

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This is entry number four in Lee Child's series about action hero ex-MP Jack Reacher. When we left Jack at the end of number three, he had acquired a nice house overlooking the Hudson, and a nice girlfriend. In short, a cliffhanger: was he about to give up his footloose ways and settle down? After only three books?

Not to worry. That gets resolved in this book, although not in the way you might expect.

But there's also an outright mystery to solve. Someone is bumping off ex-Army women; they're found naked in their bathtubs, which are filled with green camo paint. The cause of death is unknown. The killer is leaving behind no clues whatsoever. The only common link between the victims seems to be that they had filed sexual harrassment cases while in service. And—oh oh—Reacher was involved in investigating some of them.

So Reacher gets roped into the FBI's investigation, first as a prime suspect, then (eventually) as a consultant. He brings his usual ultra-resourcefulness to the battle.

A very competently written page-turner, as I've come to expect from Lee Child. Reacher reveals a wicked sense of humor that I hadn't noticed before, which is welcome. I figured out most of the mystery before all was revealed, but that's OK.

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