You Think You Can Hide

… but you're never alone:

  • David Harsanyi joins the Abolish the FCC club.

    It's not that we don't need the FCC's meddling, it's that we don't need the FCC at all. Rather than expanding the powers -- which always seem to grow -- of this outdated bureaucracy, Congress should be finding ways to eliminate it.

    Good idea. Write your elected representatives.

  • Say what you will about Patrick Hynes, Groksters, but he knows how to get linked by the Blogfather.

  • They played Klingon Boggle on the The Big Bang Theory awhile back, so can a Klingon version of "A Christmas Carol" be far behind? No, it can't. (Includes video! But no Michael Dorn.)

  • This is fun to watch even with the sound off:

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