GOP Cowardly Weasel Update

Pun Salad mentioned yesterday that there was a GOP proposal to cut an additional $22 Billion from the Federal "non-defense discretionary spending" juggernaut, co-sponsored by my own CongressCritter, Frank Guinta.

It failed. 147-281, as 92 Republicans voted Nay, as did every voting Democrat. Among the cowardly weasels is my state's other representative, Good Time Charlie Bass.

Ace is irate, but I guess he had higher expectations than I.

The GOP is dead to me. Hal Rodgers and posturing lying phony Eric Cantor need to be replaced.
I'll point out—in case they haven't done so themselves yet—that both Skip and Tim up at GraniteGrok deserve to say: told ya so! Jennifer Horn, Bass's primary opponent, still has her website up. I hope she doesn't take it down.

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"They Look Funny, Too."

[have some sand]

… "I can spot one a mile away."

  • The US vetoed yet another obnoxious anti-Israel UN Security Council resolution favored by the usual bunch of thugs and fools. But, as Jen Rubin and Omri Ceren point out, Ambassador Susan Rice added in a lot of nasty, gratuitous Israel-bashing along the way. Thus only pleasing those who prefer US foreign policy to be feckless, incoherent, and unreliable. A nice sum-up from Omri Ceren:

    No one’s under any illusions that Rice prefers basking in the agapic embrace of Turtle Bay to defending the only stable ally America currently has in the Middle East. But did she really need to make it so obvious? The president of the United States might be tarnishing the solemnity of his office by stirring up domestic unrest against his political opponents, but can’t we at least try not to look like a banana republic in front of actual banana republics?

    "Agapic." Heh.

    And if you have a strong stomach, you might want to check out the comments to Ms. Rubin's post at the (presumably civilized) Washington Post; you'll see references to "Jewish money", "[Wall Street] crooks", "the 'state' of Israel" (with scare quotes around 'state'), "Israel's Congress, the one in Washington". And then there's one worth quoting more fully from "Nikos Retsos, retired professor":

    Obama is a hostage of the Israeli PAC power, as well as a a [sic] mercenary of the American Jewry, and their Jewish media conglomerates.
    Professor Retsos presumably used Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a textbook back in his teaching days.

    I'm sure Sarah Palin must be to blame, somehow, for all this incivility.

  • One of Pun Salad's minions recently infiltrated an enemy stronghold. Unfortunately, Pun Salad's "make rabbit ears" suggestion was ignored. And she was in the perfect position, too.

  • Being a geezer, I'm not a fan of today's new-fangled "young people" music, but I can make an exception for:

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