Get Low

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A nice little movie set in 1930s Tennessee. It got some Oscar buzz—because this is just the kind of quirky, semi-sentimental movie that Oscar loves—but was skunked in the nominations.

It revolves around the hermit Felix Bush, played impeccably by Robert Duvall. He lives outside of a small town where nasty rumors fly about him. The only person who's remotely sympathetic toward him is Mattie, played by Sissy Spacek, who knew him back in his pre-hermit days.

One day Bush takes it into his head to have a funeral party for himself, but while he's still alive to enjoy it. He's rebuffed by the local preacher, but the avaricious funeral home director, (Bill Murray), is only too happy to take his money. As it turns out, Bush has ulterior motives related to relationships and events hidden in his deep dark past. His redemption lies in the revelation of these secrets.

So: it's pretty good. Robert Duvall is great, as always, so are Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray. The supporting cast is good too. Quibbles: Sissy Spacek is too young to play Robert Duvall's ex-girlfriend.

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