Happy π Day 2011

It's the Annual Celebration. This post should show up on 3/14 at 1:59:27pm EST. And we still like this animated GIF from the Pi article at Wikipedia:

[Pi Unrolled]

(Click for the big version and a whole bunch of WikiLegalese.)

Remember: π is a constant. And yet there's always new stuff to post about it:

  • There's an official site. (Which is dubious. Who on earth would is in a position to grant "official" status, I wonder?)

  • I kind of like this:
    Even as we speak, hundreds of apple pies are being readied for delivery to math and science teachers at public middle and high schools located within a 3.14-mile radius of Raytheon Co. headquarters in Waltham.
    The geek in me points out: that circle is π3 square miles in area.

  • The New Scientist has a pretty obvious suggestion: celebrate by eating… oh, I can't bring myself to type it.

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