I Bought My Girl a Herd of Moose


… one she could call her own:

  • If you want to read just one discussion of Congressman Paul Ryan's budget plan, make it this one from Nick Gillespie and Veronique de Rugy at Reason. Their glum conclusion:
    [T]here's no question that Ryan's plan is far preferable to Obama's. And there's no question that Ryan's plan can and must be the starting point of a discussion about how to get serious about reforming the way the government spends money. But in an America where taxpayers and politicians have been reluctant to fully grok that "We Are Out of Money" at every level of government, Ryan's spending plan should at best represent the ceiling of what is considered worthy of discussion.

    If, as is much more likely, it ends up being the floor from which budget negotiations spiral upwards, then our future just got a whole lot shorter.

    Summary: it's the best we can politically hope for, and it's not good enough.

  • Activities in a nearby town draw the attention of Mr. Dave Barry.

  • Mark Steyn discovers his inner libertarian, in response to Senator Lindsey Graham's deplorable "Free speech is a great idea, but…" comments on Face the Nation.
    I'll take my chances with blowhard pastors, drearily "transgressive" artists, and flag-burning provocateurs. I'm far more worried about a blundering clod like Graham presuming to protect us from them.
    Pun Salad pile-on: Senator Graham took an oath to "support and defend" the Constitution, which includes Amendment I. If he's changed his mind, he should quit.