Comanche Station

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This 1960 movie was Randolph Scott's next-to-last, and the final one he made for director Budd Boetticher. I enjoyed it, although (truth be told) it's not that much different from the other Scott/Boetticher collaborations.

Mr. Scott plays Cody, whose mission in life (for reasons not immediately explained) is to retrieve white women abducted by Indians and return them to civilization. (That's not a very PC way to put it, I realize, but that's an accurate statement of the movie's point of view.) On this particular trip, he's traded a rifle and some trinkets for Nancy, whose husband has offered a handsome reward for her return.

Complications ensue, because the natives are very restless; there's no guarantee they won't try to snatch Nancy back. In addition, circumstances have attracted a trio of desperadoes (played by Claude Akins, Richard Rust, and Skip Homeier). They're welcome help in battling the Indians, but it's pretty clear to everyone that they'll eventually try to wrest Nancy from Cody's protection.

Gorgeous scenery, and Randolph Scott is just a plain old natural fit to hero-of-few-words western roles.

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