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Netflix seems to have put us into an animation streak for our movie-watching. Megamind was an extremely commercial 3-D offering from Dreamworks, and made a pile of cash. It was directed by Tom McGrath (who also directed the first two Madagascar movies). Lots of big-name voice talent: Will Farrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross, Ben Stiller. We enjoyed it quite a bit.

It starts out as your standard superhero story: both "Megamind" and "Metro Man" are infants launched into space from doomed worlds by their parents and make it to Earth. But their paths diverge given Metro Man's winning (but shallow) personality, and Megamind's propensity to screw up. By the time adulthood arrives, they are sworn enemies, with Megamind on the villainous side, Metro Man settling into the superhero role, fighting things out on the battleground of Metro City.

Megamind's nefarious plots routinely involve the kidnapping of Roxanne Ritchie, Metro Man's TV-reporter girlfriend. He is just as routinely thwarted, and it's all getting a bit old. But then something unexpected happens.

It's very funny, frenetic, and inventive. As I've mentioned, Mrs. Salad and I no longer feel guilty about watching kids' movies with no actual kids present, and this is a good example of why not.

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