Pun Salad Never Metapost It Didn't Like

[A Salad Pun]

Starting now,… well, yesterday… Pun Salad offers different "views" into its posting universe: "Movies", "Books", "Default", and "All". Movies, Books, and Default are disjoint sets; Default could equally well have been called "Everything Else". But it's also the default: what you get if you go to punsalad.com.

This is for folks who would prefer to customize their Pun Salad reading. Use is (I hope) self-explanatory. Not interested in the movies I've seen, or the books I've been reading, but don't mind the occasional ill-tempered political rant? The Default view is for you. If you like to read everything I blog, then you'll want All. You get the idea.

Appropriate links for you to bookmark and RSS feeds to which you can subscribe are over there on the right.

No, your right.

This required a bit of surgery to the underlying scripts and article database, so there might be some glitches. Let me know if you notice any, OK? Thanks as always for your patronage.