The Dark Corner

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A 1946 film noir that stars none other than Lucy! Unfortunately, she does not have a best friend named "Ethel" in this movie, nor does she get a job packaging candy on an accelerating conveyor belt. Or try to sell Vitameatavegamin. But she's otherwise OK.

She actually plays Kathleen, a secretary newly hired by private eye Bradford Galt. Galt is just out of the slammer, having been set up by his old buddy, Anthony Jardine. One evening he and Kathleen notice that they're being tailed by William Bendix. Why? It turns out to be a very elaborate and (let's face it) kind of a far-fetched plot, involving everyone's favorite snooty slimeball, Clifton Webb. Galt has to avoid going back to prison, but Kathleen proves to be an eager assistant, and wannabe girlfriend.

It's not the greatest noir ever, but the dialog is snappy and fun. At one point, Galt observes: "I can be framed easier than Whistler's Mother." Ha!

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