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  • Frank J. Fleming puts the case for taxing the rich in terms we can all understand. You don't want to kill the gold-egg-laying goose, but…
    But suppose, instead of killing the goose because you're unsatisfied with its golden egg output, you just punched it really hard in the face. That's perfectly fine; it won't stop future egg production. But it does let the goose know who is boss. Plus it relieves stress.

    And it just makes everyone feel better to see that stuck-up goose who thinks she's better than everyone get a good whack in her stupid goose face.

    Frank is a national treasure.

  • Had enough of Burl Ives singing "Holly Jolly Christmas"? Me too. As of about 50 years ago. Fortunately, Lore Sjöberg suggests some alternative Christmas tunes. Example:
    Song: "Let's Get It On"
    Artist: Marvin Gaye
    Why: For some odd reason, Gaye never revealed what "it" is. Music scholars have suggested everything from a hand-woven, two-person serape to a reform of the electoral college. It seems to me that we can just declare that Marvin wants to get Christmas on! He wants you to stop beating around the bush and give yourself to him right this minute so that you can both enjoy eggnog and gingersnaps.
    I've recently been introduced to this tender ballad (illustrated above) and have been playing it for family members, to their consternation.

  • XKCD brings you Zeno's Advent Calendar. (Explanation, if necessary, here.)

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