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  • screwed At Commentary, Alana Goodman has a very good headline summarizing yesterday's news from the World's Greatest Deliberative Body, the United States Senate: "Dems Back Down on Plan to Pretend to Do Something About Budget". She quotes Politico:
    The Democratic-led Senate hasn’t passed a budget blueprint since April 2009, and it won’t do so again this spring as election-year pressures consume Capitol Hill. In fact, Conrad’s budget “markup” Wednesday won’t even be a real markup because senators won’t actually offer amendments or vote.

    The 10-year budget plan Conrad unveiled Tuesday is based on the so-called Bowles-Simpson deficit-reduction plan, though the chairman conceded it’s “just reality” that any real deficit work by his committee will likely be put off until after November.

    At which point the 16 Democratic Senators up for re-election will suddenly feel like doing their jobs, I guess.

  • My local paper, Foster's Daily Democrat reported on a local (Dover NH) protest on this morning's second page:
    In honor of tax day, dozens of individuals looking to oust national leaders that, in their opinion, support "tax dodgers" gathered in the heart of the city Tuesday evening.
    Well, who likes "tax dodgers"?

    The group identified itself as "Credo". Its leader, David Lam, claimed that "Credo's purpose is more about addressing the actions of individuals and not their political affiliation." And he was quoted: "We hope that in Dover, we can find more local activists who are interested in supporting grassroots efforts."

    As it turns out, Credo has fewer grass roots than my driveway.

    Their slick website (to which Foster's happily points you) is http://www.takedownguinta.com/, devoted to the defeat of the local current Congressman, Frank Guinta. The fine print says that the website is paid for, not by "local activists", but by the CREDO SuperPAC, located at 101 Market St. Suite 700, San Francisco, California. Their anti-Guinta effort is just part of their "Take Down the Tea Party Ten" project. (Congreesman Guinta and others, all of course Republican.)

    Foster's continues have a bad habit of being a gullible, uncritical mouthpiece for any leftist group that manages to gather a few folks on the sidewalks of downtown Dover.

  • Which reminds me: The Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC is sponsoring a Save-Our-Republic Tea Party; Saturday, April 21 2-4 p.m. Guppy Park, 168 Portland Ave. (Rt. 4), Dover. We'll see how Foster's covers that

  • Test your savvy with a tough quiz: "Who Said It? Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney or Wonka Contest Winner Charlie Bucket?"

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