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  • US Flag Hope everyone's having (or had, depending on when you read this) an outstanding Flag Day.

    It's just another day at Google, but Bing has a nice front page pic.

    And at the (ahem) flagship paper of our nation's capital,

    So, today is Flag Day, and the Washington Post has a big front page photo of the “Star-Spangled Sailabration” in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, marking the bicentennial of the War of 1812 and the composition of our national anthem. The headline of the photo is “Oh, say, can they see” and it features sailors standing on the yards of a mast of a tall ship, with a flag on top. So far, so good.

    But it’s the Mexican flag.

    Way to go, WaPo!

  • It's unusual to see kind words for New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen at this website, but we'll give her an Official Pun Salad "Nice Try" Award for her efforts:

    Today we have yet another example of Republicans and Democrats teaming up to protect a special interest at the public’s expense. A few hours ago the Senate voted 50-46 to kill an amendment from Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) that would have phased out subsidies and supports for the sugar industry.

    Senator Shaheen could only persuade 15 other Democrats to go along with her amendment. But that would have been enough if 16 alleged free-marketing Republicans hadn't also voted to kill it.

  • The Club for Growth has produced a new ongoing scorecard whereby you can check to see how hard your Congresscritter is trying to cut spending.

    (It's not great news for Granite Staters; my Congressman, Frank Guinta, only managed a 43% score. Charlie Bass is in bad-joke-even-for-a-RINO territory with 1%.)

  • Mitt Romney is adapting a page out of Obama's playbook. While Obama offers various dining options, you can fill out a form to spend a "Day on the Road with Mitt".

    As with Obama, most ad-links take you to a page where a cash contribution will get you automatically entered in the contest. I'm libertarian enough to not want to contribute to Mitt's campaign, but I wouldn't mind giving him a piece of my mind. If you're like me, you can sign up for the contest without donating here.

  • It's been over a quarter of a century, and it still hurts a little.

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