21 Jump Street

[3.0 stars] 21 Jump Street (2012) on IMDb [Amazon]

A funny R-rated movie that (probably) is not aimed at my demographic, but was watchable anyway. It's based on an 80's TV show that I never watched, but there are cameos here that may please those who did.

The story: back in high school Schmidt (Jonah Hill) was a nerd loser, while Jenko (Channing Tatum) was a jock winner. Although they were barely acquainted, they both wind up trying to get on the police force. At the academy, they develop a symbiotic relationship: Schmidt helps Jenko with the book-learnin', while Jenko aids Schmidt with fitness training. And they manage to make the unglamourous bottom rung of police rookiedom: patrolling a park on bicycles.

While Schmidt and Jenko have their special qualities, neither one is particularly cop-smart. They botch a drug bust, and find themselves tossed to the tender mercies of Captain Dickson (Ice Cube!), head of the titular undercover unit: young-looking cops go into high schools to ferret out illegal activity. Specifically, they go in search of the dealers and supplier of a new synthetic drug that was recently implicated in a student's death. This is played almost entirely for laughs.

There's a lot of raunch, and if you have hopes that the youth of today aren't into substance abuse, you won't find much reassurance here.

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