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  • Olympic Showjumping Best headline I read today: "Cameroonian athletes abscond during games".

    Really, we don't see that word "abscond" enough.

  • Also in the Olympic area, Dave Barry attended an equestrian event:

    The word “equestrian” comes from two Greek words: “eques,” meaning “horses,” and “trian,” meaning “being ridden by people with large inheritances and names like Edwina Ponce-Twickendale.” There was indeed a time when the only people who could participate in horse-related sports were wealthy members of the nobility. But times have changed; in the 21st century, equestrian sports, even at the Olympic level, are wide open to anybody, regardless of birth or background, who has billions of dollars.

    Dave has suggestions for bringing the sport into the 21st century, and, unsurprisingly, the word "lances" appears.

  • The Athletics Department of the University Near Here has a plan for fans of the football and men's hockey teams. Which they formally call "Enhanced Game-Day Experiences", but which I imagine they informally call "Let's Find Out How Much Cash We Can Get Out Of These Boobs".

    What football fans get is: close-by parking for five home games.

    What it costs: you need to buy a season ticket (around $100 for the good seats); and you need to kick in a cool $1000 to the "Wildcat Fund"; then you can buy the parking pass for an additional $125.

    A slightly different, much more expensive, deal applies for hockey.

  • If you have free will, but were confused by a well-known experiment that purported to show you didn't, click the following link: that experiment may have been misinterpreted.

    If (on the other hand) you lack free will, whether or not you click the link is not under your control, so there.

  • Mitt Romney apparently deemed President Obama's recent attacks as "Obamaloney".

    Meanwhile Pun Salad continues to be the only one referring to "Barackrobatics".

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