URLs du Jour


  • Freebirds Are you a geek that likes Raymond Chandler? So is Jason Harrington, author of "Raymond Chandler’s The Man Who Repaired Laptops.

    She was a doozy of a dame, with dangerous eyes like blue screens of death and a dark umber HP Pavilion laptop with a 640 GB hard drive she’d dropped off the day before. I’d taken her case at the recommendation of her father, the landlord, on account of my being two months behind on the rent.

  • Be sure not to miss President Obama's moving eulogy to Neil Armstrong. Excerpt:

    When I learned of the untimely passing of Neil Armstrong I was, like all Americans, deeply moved and saddened. I share your sense of loss for this American hero, even if his fame had been eclipsed by others over the years. But in our shared moment of grief, let us also celebrate his historic accomplishment in becoming the first astronaut eulogized by me, Barack Obama, our nation's historic first African-American president.

    Brought to you, in case you haven't guessed, by Iowahawk.

  • If you're like me, the only convention coverage you'll want to consume is from Dave Barry. For example, his observation of the welcoming cocktail party, held inside Tropicana Field domed stadium:

    Inside the dome, a major party was in progress on the baseball field, with food stations and open bars everywhere, and thousands of people milling around eating and drinking and enjoying a series of perky stage acts, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders, who entertained the crowd by wearing outfits made from a grand total of maybe six fabric molecules. At one point the P.A. announcer, introducing the next act, said, and I swear I am not making this up: “To celebrate diversity in culture, please welcome to the stage Busch Gardens’ own belly dancers!”

    Dave is, as usual, observant, insightful, and funny.