URLs du Jour


  • Mickey Mouse waffle Alex Tabarrok reports that the House Republican Study Committe issued a "radical but sensible position paper" on copyright reform. It recognized that copyright has long since been expanded from its original purpose of advancing creative activity to just another corporate giveaway.

    Yay for the GOP, right? Finally getting away from corporate welfarism? Not so fast, binky. Alex reports:

    Alas, it was not to be. Within 24 hours the report was yanked.

    So it's back to being the Stupid Party for awhile.

    [Note: I typed the above before I read Instapundit saying, well, pretty much the same thing. Great minds, etc.]

  • Leave it to Reason to tell me something interesting about the election in my own state,

    When Ward 5 of Manchester, New Hampshire, elected a delegate to the state legislature this month, its voters rejected a Republican from the Free State Project who favors a minimal government. Instead they picked Tim O'Flaherty, a Democrat from the Free State Project who favors the abolition of government altogether.

    I'm not an anarchist myself, but it's a great day when the major party candidates split on the min- versus an- issue.